Demons: Sociopathic Behavior: Darren Ambler

Demons: Sociopathic Behavior: Darren Ambler


I went through an absolutely horrific relationship with Darren Ambler. I thought from day one he was odd. Very fearful and not much personality. I was quick to find out that he wanted sex from me...

True Short Stories

True short stories from the users of True stories of ghosts, love, the paranormal and success. You will find spooky, paranormal and horror short stories. You too can share your story or dream with us and get advice or the interpration of your dreams.
True Short Stories - No one's paying me any attention but I have incredible potential!No one's paying me any attention but I have incredible potential!


Hello and here's my story: I have huge potential as a physicist, cosmologist, astrophysicist, biologist, chemist and programmer but I'm constantly rejected eve...

True Short Stories - A Presence!A Presence!


Hey I just wanted to share something real quick. I hadn't felt this in a while but for 2 days now I've been feeling a presence around me again. I'm not scared (...

True Short Stories - I Think I'm Dying!I Think I'm Dying!


Hello, I haven't been feeling well for a long time now. I'm only 16 years old. Thoughts of fear. . . of death, keep invading my mind. And I feel that something'...

True Short Stories - Something in the DarknessSomething in the Darkness


Hello all. One time I was walking with my [friends] in the forest in the middle of the night. We sat down to take a break. Suddenly, something shuffled from b...

True Short Stories - The Dream with the Bottomless HandbagThe Dream with the Bottomless Handbag


Hello. I had quite a strange [dream] this time. Usually dreams had some kind of message for me in the past, while in recent months absolutely everything that I ...

True Short Stories - A Ghost Walks on my Bed at NightA Ghost Walks on my Bed at Night


Heya! Recently a series of strange things have been happening to me, ones I'd like to share. Since this past Christmas I became a huge fan of Michael Jackson an...

True Short Stories - I Saw a Woman with Straight Black Hair and a White DressI Saw a Woman with Straight Black Hair and a White Dress


On 3/17/16, while I was reading about [Bloody Mary] on the internet I heard a strange sound, like a sort of scraping. I got quite scared. I went to go check i...

True Short Stories - We saw a strange purple lightWe saw a strange purple light


Hi, I'd like to share something with you. Last night while we were sending our friend home (my friend and I) the streetlights dimmed the instant we passed under...

True Short Stories - The mysterious smell at nightThe mysterious smell at night


Hello, I'm writing to you with the hope of getting some kind of answer! Someone close to me, with whom I talk to nearly every day, often shares with me that whe...

True Short Stories - I Feel Afraid, Without Knowing the Reason for itI Feel Afraid, Without Knowing the Reason for it


For nearly a year now I've been hearing, sensing and seeing strange things around me. It all started after my grandmother passed away. She tried to contact me...

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