I am petrified of snakes

I am petrified of snakes


I am petrified of snakes, and i seem to dream about them frequently. I was in my parents old house, long sold. we were in the kitchen and 2 packages arrived. one contained a big brown and green snake ...

True Short Stories

True short stories from the users of Mysteries24.com. True stories of ghosts, love, the paranormal and success. You will find spooky, paranormal and horror short stories. You too can share your story or dream with us and get advice or the interpration of your dreams.
True Short Stories - Eagle sitting in a nestEagle sitting in a nest


I had a dream about an eagle sitting in a nest perched on a white pole. the eagle just sat, very contented, staring at everything, especially me...

True Short Stories - I dreamed that Queen Elizabeth III dreamed that Queen Elizabeth II


I dreamed that Queen Elizabeth II was annointing me as the next queen. I was to go out and meet the people on a sled in the snow. I said to the Queen, I need ...

True Short Stories - My Life must be a messMy Life must be a mess


I need to go for a run. I'm tired and moody and I'm not in the frame of mind to run, but I feel like I have to. I normally like to run beside water, and I live...

True Short Stories - Gods message to me to paint coconutGods message to me to paint coconut


I need some help with my dream. I dreamed that I lived in a colt and they will find you a spouse and once they match you with who they want, you then marry & le...

True Short Stories - Church camp and a super cute guyChurch camp and a super cute guy


Last night I had a dream where I was a church camp and it was the last day and my dad (We are not on good terms with eachother) came and picked me up 3 hours be...

True Short Stories - Dreams about one girlDreams about one girl


I know, its not usual in my whole life....i really call it as my life....almost one year before i saw a dream,a bout a girl...she is very cute, like a innocent ...

True Short Stories - Since 1993 to current dateSince 1993 to current date


Hello all and peace be unto you also. I am new to the group topic but old to the subject of dreams and visions. Since 1993 I have documented just about every on...

True Short Stories - Angel, maybeAngel, maybe


I had a dream a while back, when I was in confusion about myself and the dream was that I was following a woman through the woods and it was snowing. She had lo...

True Short Stories - Weird Moon DreamWeird Moon Dream


Can any one explain what did I see apart from biblical 2:20 the coming of the days of the lord and apocalypse. Dream: It was mid day and I was at my aunt's ho...

True Short Stories - I was murdered in my dreamI was murdered in my dream


I had a dream recently where i was murdered along with a group of people. I dont remember who the people were. I was in my grandfathers yard, and watched as a m...

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