I Think I'm Dying!

I Think I'm Dying!

Hello, I haven't been feeling well for a long time now. I'm only 16 years old. Thoughts of fear. . . of death, keep invading my mind. And I feel that something's not right with me. For nearly a year I...


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Death Stories - My Mother Knew When She Would DieMy Mother Knew When She Would Die


Hello all, Here's my story: My mother died 4 years ago, she was sick with cancer and kept saying to me: "Just 1 grandchild, please, so I can look after him a...

Death Stories - The Eternal Taboo - the Subject of DeathThe Eternal Taboo - the Subject of Death


Hello! I've decided to share this topic of discussion with you, it's relevant and people never stop thinking about it. It comes to mind because last summer when...

Death Stories - Odd dream about deathOdd dream about death


I had a long dream last night but there was one part that really stuck out. It started at a picnic table, there where about 6 of us sitting and eating and be...

Death Stories - Childhood Dreams of FearChildhood Dreams of Fear


Ok, so for a while now I've been having these dreams about death, as in, the grim reaper himself. They are scaring me a lot and marketing me go crazy and doubt ...

Death Stories - I was murdered in my dreamI was murdered in my dream


I had a dream recently where i was murdered along with a group of people. I dont remember who the people were. I was in my grandfathers yard, and watched as a m...

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