I Think I'm Dying!

I Think I'm Dying!

Hello, I haven't been feeling well for a long time now. I'm only 16 years old. Thoughts of fear. . . of death, keep invading my mind. And I feel that something's not right with me. For nearly a year I...


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Fear Stories - I Feel Afraid, Without Knowing the Reason for itI Feel Afraid, Without Knowing the Reason for it


For nearly a year now I've been hearing, sensing and seeing strange things around me. It all started after my grandmother passed away. She tried to contact me...

Fear Stories - It's Among Us!!It's Among Us!!


Two of my friends and I were sitting on a log near the forest. We decided to go for a walk and right at that moment a tree fell over, just as someone or somet...

Fear Stories - I'm Scared of EverythingI'm Scared of Everything


I'm 13 and I'm afraid of everything, [ghosts], the dark, and a whole bunch of other stuff. When I go in bathroom I can't look in the mirror, I'm scared I'll see...

Fear Stories - Strange Things are Happening Around MeStrange Things are Happening Around Me


Hello, I'd like to share something important that's really scaring me. For a while now I've been felt as if someone's caressing me or patting me but there's no ...

Fear Stories - I feel like they are always with me.I feel like they are always with me.


Hi There! I m 14 yrs and strange and scary things happen to me frm the time I was 8 yrs old . I do not imagine them, but I would like to share and get your op...

Fear Stories - Childhood Dreams of FearChildhood Dreams of Fear


Ok, so for a while now I've been having these dreams about death, as in, the grim reaper himself. They are scaring me a lot and marketing me go crazy and doubt ...

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