Strange things happened to me

Strange things happened to me


For several months, strange things happen to me. I do not imagine them, but I would like to share and get your opinion. First time that one of those strange things happened to me was when I went to ...


True Ghost stories on Read true short Ghost stories by our users. Great collection of Ghost stories, life stories and supernatural events. Has something weird happend to you? Share it with us.
Ghost Stories - Strange happenings occur againStrange happenings occur again


In my other stories I mention the strange coincidence of the death of my two grandfathers in the same day, and the curse which the old woman spoke of in Greece,...

Ghost Stories - I feel the presence of my deceased fatherI feel the presence of my deceased father


Hello, here is my story. My dad died 1 year ago and I have dreamt of him in ordinary life situations. But in the last two months, something strange is happeni...

Ghost Stories - A strange thing happened to meA strange thing happened to me


Something strange is happening to me lately. I am not imagining and do not know whether it could be coincidence, but I'll tell you. First, many times, it has ...

Ghost Stories - Very weird, I began to see strange purple shapesVery weird, I began to see strange purple shapes


Hi there, I am 17 years old and strange things constantly happen to me. Several years ago I began to see strange purple lights around me. After a while I bega...

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