A Presence!

A Presence!


Hey I just wanted to share something real quick. I hadn't felt this in a while but for 2 days now I've been feeling a presence around me again. I'm not scared (too much), but whenever something happen...

Mystery Stories

Short mystery stories on Mysteries24.com. True mystery stories about ghosts, paranormal activities, UFO, etc. Has something weird happened to you? Share it with us and get advice. Read mystery stories from our users.
Mystery Stories - The Dream with the Bottomless HandbagThe Dream with the Bottomless Handbag


Hello. I had quite a strange [dream] this time. Usually dreams had some kind of message for me in the past, while in recent months absolutely everything that I ...

Mystery Stories - A Ghost Walks on my Bed at NightA Ghost Walks on my Bed at Night


Heya! Recently a series of strange things have been happening to me, ones I'd like to share. Since this past Christmas I became a huge fan of Michael Jackson an...

Mystery Stories - The mysterious smell at nightThe mysterious smell at night


Hello, I'm writing to you with the hope of getting some kind of answer! Someone close to me, with whom I talk to nearly every day, often shares with me that whe...

Mystery Stories - I Feel Afraid, Without Knowing the Reason for itI Feel Afraid, Without Knowing the Reason for it


For nearly a year now I've been hearing, sensing and seeing strange things around me. It all started after my grandmother passed away. She tried to contact me...

Mystery Stories - My Mother Knew When She Would DieMy Mother Knew When She Would Die


Hello all, Here's my story: My mother died 4 years ago, she was sick with cancer and kept saying to me: "Just 1 grandchild, please, so I can look after him a...

Mystery Stories - It's Among Us!!It's Among Us!!


Two of my friends and I were sitting on a log near the forest. We decided to go for a walk and right at that moment a tree fell over, just as someone or somet...

Mystery Stories - What are Guardian Angels Really Like?What are Guardian Angels Really Like?


According to [Christianity], every person has their own guardian angel to watch over them. After a baby or grown person is baptized, an angel appears above a pe...

Mystery Stories - Is This Some Kind of Magic?Is This Some Kind of Magic?


My story is as follows. When I was little my mother had bought a pair of golden earrings. We had a guest over and the earrings disappeared. After some time, my ...

Mystery Stories - Is it Possible?Is it Possible?


Hello! Several days ago I read some articles about [rebirth] and memories from past lives. I was very curious and wanted to find out whether I too had any memor...

Mystery Stories - I've Been Reading the Bible and I've Started Seeing Faces in the SkyI've Been Reading the Bible and I've Started Seeing Faces in the Sky


I've been reading the [Bible] for some time now and even began praying. I started seeing faces in the sky, I had a dream about [Jesus] right before that. Then I...

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