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The Dream with the Bottomless Handbag

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The Dream with the Bottomless Handbag
Hello. I had quite a strange dream this time. Usually dreams had some kind of message for me in the past, while in recent months absolutely everything that I dreamed of has been happening in real life. I remember just a single thing from my dream and it happens. But anyway.

I dreamed I was home and began looking for something in my handbag (in real life it doesn't have different sections but in my dream it had 3). The middle one had a book, then I kept pulling out pens from the other 2 sections. I took out 4 small rectangular boxes. My grandmother was with me in the room and I had left he handbag aside because I was reading the book.

I also took out some cards from the handbag (completely different from any kind of divination cards). I felt as if a single person had some kind of power and if they touched the cards they would become even more powerful. . . no matter how crazy it might sound. I grabbed my bag and started taking things out of it once again, like it was magic and bottomless.

Next I woke up. It's not that interesting but I was wondering about what it could mean. If anyone can tell me anything I'd be grateful.

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