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Follow Up: Darren Scott Ambler - Sociopath, Sex Addict, Con-Artist, Pathological Liar

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Follow Up: Darren Scott Ambler - Sociopath, Sex Addict, Con-Artist, Pathological Liar

In reply to the lady that posted the story about Darren Ambler. I sympathize with you completely. Yes- being used and lied to by a mentally ill man is a terrible thing. It happened to me also. I am sure my former boyfriend and this Darren Ambler have much in common. Again- being a sociopath, they think they will get away with anything with no consequence. =====================================================================================

I did some extensive research on the subject of men who have various sex partners including prostitutes just like this Darren Ambler. I was surprised but research states that at least 68% of males that engage in inappropriate sexual relationships for excitement and thrills- were more than likely physically- emotionally and possibly sexually abused as children. ==========================================

Darren Ambler could have been sexually and or emotionally abused as a kid. This explains his various sexual partners. In reality- he is lashing out at females for the way in which he was treated as a kid. At the same time- he is having his sexual desires temporarily fulfilled. A very sick way to live but these men are sick. ==========================================================================================

More than likely men such as Darren Ambler will "NEVER" change. Unless some dramatic event happens to them that scares them enough to change. Even then - these mentally ill men would require years of intensive psychotherapy- anti-psychotic medications and continual monitoring by family members and personal physician. ===========================================================================================

The Sex addiction that Darren Ambler has is simply a symptom of other serious issues going on inside his head. He may be doing drugs and engaging in sick pornographic acts with hookers- retired madams and probably desperate women whom will take whatever they can get. ============================================================================================

I agree- The Darren Ambler's in the world need to be isolated from normal society. The need help and if they wont get the help then they need to just be alone so they can not use or hurt anyone else. Darren Ambler is only a determent and hindrance to others. The Public must be made aware of people like this. Forming organizations and groups is a start in the right direction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Good Luck! !
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2017-01-04, Rating 5.0 from 5 for Follow Up: Darren Scott Ambler - Sociopath, Sex Addict, Con-Artist, Pathological Liar

A Sick person. But totally insane. He seems calculating and manipulating. Therefore- he must have some bouts of sanity. But- all in all a very dangerous and abusive person.

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